Our Mission

GoDoctor is on a mission to make high-quality healthcare affordable and available to the world’s population of more than a billion people. We believe in providing the most reliable, detailed, and curated information and care to our customers so that they can make informed healthcare decisions.

Health is a way of life.

It’s the journey that brings you to new places every day, opening up endless possibilities in life while riding high on happiness, enthusiasm, and hope. GoDoctor aspires to make this journey as simple as possible for all, allowing them to live healthier and longer lives.

Our offerings



30 Cr+

Patients per year

1 L+

Doctor partners

Each time a patient finds the right doctor, we build a healthier nation

Our approach to healthcare

Providing high-quality, trusted, and accessible healthcare is our reason for being


GoDoctor is based on the concept of trust. We understand the weight of obligation that has been put on us by over a lakh doctors and 30 crore patients. We have always done everything we can to maintain this faith, and we will continue to do so.


We believe in complete transparency. We believe in free and truthful communication, as well as adhering to the highest ethical standards.


We recognise that healthcare encompasses more than just signs, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments. It’s about a strong bond between doctors and patients that leads to ongoing treatment and improved outcomes.

What doctors say about us

“The shift from manual to automated setup was gradual but showed results instantly. GoDoctor appointment reminders dropped no-shows by over 70% by sending reminder SMS Messages few hours before the appointment…”
Dr Arshad Chohan
ENT Specialist

Our top priority is data privacy and protection.

One of GoDoctor’s founding ideals has always been data privacy and protection, and we go to great lengths to protect our users’ confidentiality and honesty.

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