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Frequently Asked Questions

We take data protection and privacy very seriously at GoDoctor. It is one of our company’s fundamental foundations, and it is introduced at the heart of each product.We agree that your medical history is the most important information about you and that it needs special protection. GoDoctor only gathers or uses any confidential or sensitive personal details about you after receiving your explicit and informed consent. Furthermore, we recognise that people’s minds change, so no consent is final, and our systems are designed with the flexibility to allow any consent given to be withdrawn at any time.

To begin, our data is encrypted with 256 bits and stored on HIPAA-compliant servers. We are also an ISO27001:2013 accredited firm. This is one of the most well-known and rigorous information security certifications, validating a company’s attempts to safeguard data and other types of information properties.

We have two different sets of data. The first is when health-care providers use our tools to keep track of the people they’re caring for. This may include specifics about the patient, their diagnosis, treatment plan, any clinical notes, correspondence, and other relevant information.

To be transparent, we create the technology that allows YOU to send SMSs. As a result, while our systems send SMSs, they can only be sent by the doctor who has given the system specific permission to do so. These can be toggled in the Ray software’s settings tab. Enabling this setting and/or does not grant GoDoctor access to any other part of your data than what is required to send the SMS. It also gives GoDoctor no permission to contact the patient for any other purpose.

We haven’t done so. We will continue to work diligently to ensure the security of data stored with GoDoctor.

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