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GoDoctor truly performs responsibly. An automated follow-up SMS to patients before an appointment drastically reduces chances of no-shows. Patients are confident to visit Doctors who realize their care and interest.


Your patients don’t really like waiting for too long. Save your and their time with Intelligent Queue Management. Patients are already upset from illness, and you don’t want them to bear anymore. An on-time patient with a planned appointment should not annoy anyone who is waiting for 2 hours without an appointment. GoDoctor features Intelligent Queue Management property which acts justly with waiting patients and handles in such a way that patients won’t complain you about long queues. Sorting out queues in such a manner was never possible before.


GoDoctor has been comprehensively modulated and monitored keeping in view the requirements of Doctors and their clients.

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What doctors say about us

“The shift from manual to automated setup was gradual but showed results instantly. GoDoctor appointment reminders dropped no-shows by over 70% by sending reminder SMS Messages few hours before the appointment…”
Dr Arshad Chohan
ENT Specialist

Our top priority is data privacy and protection.

One of GoDoctor’s founding ideals has always been data privacy and protection, and we go to great lengths to protect our users’ confidentiality and honesty.

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