Medical billing software that maximises income for your clinic.

Medical billing software, as well as scheduling and financial reporting software, making it easier than ever to run your clinic.

Claims Management

From charge capture to final reimbursement, an unified platform that allows you to handle the whole claims process in one place.


There’s no need to post claims or download remittances anymore. With our integrated clearinghouse, you’ll save time and effort.

Patient Payments

Online patient payment systems can assist your practise convert uncollected patient payments and minimise days in collections.

Examine the features and add-ons available in our medical billing software.

All the tools you’ll need to make billing, scheduling, collections, and practise management easier, more intuitive, and more productive. Provide better patient care while increasing operating quality and sales. Godoctor Information System is a cutting-edge technology that helps medical facilities meet today’s most pressing problems in healthcare delivery.

Analytics & Reporting

With our proprietary, easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence tools, you can track your progress and increase income.

Medical Scheduling

Our billing software integrates with our scheduling and front office tools, allowing you to collect payments with a single click of a button that displays patient information, copays, and eligibility.

Cloud Hosted Medical Billing

With our proprietary, easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence tools, you can track your progress and increase income.

Data Conversion Services

Allow our data professionals to take care of the data migration from your old system.

A/R control center

Easily increase revenue. Worklists for collections and denial tracking tools make managing receivables easier so you can recover more money quicker.

Payment Processing

With our proprietary, easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence tools, you can track your progress and increase income.

Centralized Billing

Medical billing that is centralised and high-performing. Within a single database and login, you can handle billing for each provider and location.


Allow our data professionals to take care of the data migration from your old system.

What makes GoDoctor billing software so popular?

All of the tools you need to run your front office have been improved to be more easy, straightforward, and productive.

Centralized, efficient claims management & billing

GoDoctor, one of the biggest medical billing software firms in the globe, provides you with all of the tools you need to handle your claims process in one place and guarantee that your claims management and patient billing processes run smoothly every time. With auto-generated worklists and claims status tracking for numerous providers and sites, our powerful clearinghouse streamlines tedious operations and enhances efficiency.

Smart scheduling can help you get the most out of your clinical time.

Maintain a busy schedule so that your practise may take on more patients. To enhance your clinical efficiency, use our advanced scheduling tools to proactively handle no-shows, cancellations, waitlists, and overbooking. To keep your patients and your practise on track, set up regular appointments and reminders.

Data that may be used to assess your financial performance

Gain a 360-degree perspective of your practice’s financial health and make smart financial decisions based on precise, real-time data. Daily updates including MTD, YTD, and period comparisons are shown on our easy-to-read dashboard of interactive features. To find your hidden income potential, use big data technologies, analytics, and business intelligence.


We take data protection and privacy very seriously at GoDoctor. It is one of our company’s fundamental foundations, and it is introduced at the heart of each product.We agree that your medical history is the most important information about you and that it needs special protection. GoDoctor only gathers or uses any confidential or sensitive personal details about you after receiving your explicit and informed consent. Furthermore, we recognise that people’s minds change, so no consent is final, and our systems are designed with the flexibility to allow any consent given to be withdrawn at any time.

To begin, our data is encrypted with 256 bits and stored on HIPAA-compliant servers. We are also an ISO27001:2013 accredited firm. This is one of the most well-known and rigorous information security certifications, validating a company’s attempts to safeguard data and other types of information properties.

We have two different sets of data. The first is when health-care providers use our tools to keep track of the people they’re caring for. This may include specifics about the patient, their diagnosis, treatment plan, any clinical notes, correspondence, and other relevant information.

To be transparent, we create the technology that allows YOU to send SMSs. As a result, while our systems send SMSs, they can only be sent by the doctor who has given the system specific permission to do so. These can be toggled in the Ray software’s settings tab. Enabling this setting and/or does not grant GoDoctor access to any other part of your data than what is required to send the SMS. It also gives GoDoctor no permission to contact the patient for any other purpose.

We haven’t done so. We will continue to work diligently to ensure the security of data stored with GoDoctor.

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